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75th Anniversary History

Attached is a Star Democrat article from Hurlock Volunteer Fire Company's 75th anniversary.


Below is history that was in the article and compiled originally by the late Mr. Herman E. Rhue.


·         In 1901 the town of Hurlock had a Ladder and Bucket Brigade

·         In 1905 the town purchased a Hand Pumper

·         July 19, 1923, Town Meeting was called for the purpose of meeting Mr. Eisenberg, representative of the Hale Hose & Fire Pump Co., to take up the matter of purchasing fire truck for the town of Hurlock. The  price was set at .$2,500. Aug. 6, 1923, Wyaft Williams was appointed temporary Fire chief of the Hurlock Fire Company. Walter Wilson was appointed chief engineer of Hurlock Fire Company.

·         Nov. 19, 1923, a motion was carried that fire truck be kept at W.C. Brad-leys Garage for this Winter, compensation to be $4 per month.

·         Jan. 7, 1924, Commissioners decided to a have meeting for citizens of Hurlock for the purpose of organizing a fire company. Clerk instructed to see Mr. Harper and rent a hall for that date, also to have some posters printed as well as having notice put in the local paper and one Cambridge paper.

·         On Jan. 14, 1924, Hurlock Volunteer Company was organized with 30 members. At this meeting, Mr. Andy Christopher was selected to be Chief and Mr. Walter Wilson to be Chief Engineer.

·         Jan. 21, 1924, executive committee met the commissioners to appoint a fire chief and chief engineer tor the Hurlock -Fire Company. Andrew Christopher was selected as chief. Walter Wilson was selected as chief engineer.

·         1925, a new hose and ladder truck was to be added to the fire company's equipment. The new truck was built by the fire company with the Commissioners furnishing truck and material.

·         In the early 1900s, the Hurlock Volunteer Fire Company rented space at Bradley's Garage on Broad Street (now Food Rite) for $4 a month,

·         July 24, 1928, Town Commissioners entered into an agreement with the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. or Baltimore City, relative to operating a fire alarm for the town of Hurlock. Found title of P. Arrow Truck dated Dec. 17, 1930 to Hurlock Fire Co.

·         Oct. 18, 1932, Record of Agreement found to consider sale of Firemen's Theatre to The Hurlock Theatre Co.

·         Feb. 21, 1936, Hurlock Fire Company incorporated and adopted name Hurlock Volunteer Fire Co. 1944, fire company moved back under the theatre building.

·         In Oct. 1944, the firemen went to Charlotte, N.C. to purchase a hearse to convert to an ambulance for Hurlock Fire Co.

·         Jan. 17, 1947, international fire truck at a cost of $5,540 carrying 1 ,000 gallons of water was ordered.

·         Feb. 6, 1948, new International truck in service. Mar. 19, 1948, building committee engaged a contractor for construction of s new fire house, to cost between $15,000 and $16,000.

·         May 6, 1949, the fire company moved to the new fire house, fair present home.

·         1961, a new fire alarm system was installed (C code equipment).

·         Jan. 8, 1962, the fire company changed the meeting night from Friday to the 2nd and 4th Monday.

·         May 28, 1962, the committee appointee) to look into a new fire truck. They voted on Sept. 10, 1962 to purchase a red Hahn.

·         Red truck arrived on Jan. 30, 1963, costing $18,946.23.

·         Feb. 24, 1964, the fire company voted to buy two Surviv-Air SCBA.

·         Mar. 9, 1964, the fire company voted to purchase a Blue ambulance from Georgetown, costing $6,600.

·         Oct. 26, 1964, a GMC tank truck was purchased from Civil Defense Jessup, MD at $175.

·         Dec. 9. 1968, the fire company voted to buy one more Survive Air gas mask.

·         Oct. 13, 1969, the fire company voted to buy Truck Chassis of tank truck.

·         In 1970 Tank Truck 606 was put into service. This tanker carries 1,600 gallons of water with a 750 GPM front mount pump.

·         Mar. 13, 1972, the fire company voted on a new yellow truck.

·         Jan. 18, 1973, a motion was made to buy a Chevrolet Van Ambulance.

·         In March 1973, a Ford chassis with a Hahn body and 750 GPM pump and 1,000 gallons of water capacity was put into service. Cost 34,909.57

·         In 1982, A new Engine Room was added to the existing building and in

·         1985 a Ford chassis with a Pierce 1,000 GPM pump and 1,000 gallons of water capacity was added to the equipment.