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75th Anniversary History

Attached is a Star Democrat article from Hurlock Volunteer Fire Company's 75th anniversary.


Below is history that was in the article and compiled originally by the late Mr. Herman E. Rhue.


·         In 1901 the town of Hurlock had a Ladder and Bucket Brigade

·         In 1905 the town purchased a Hand Pumper

·         July 19, 1923, Town Meeting was called for the purpose of meeting Mr. Eisenberg, representative of the Hale Hose & Fire Pump Co., to take up the matter of purchasing fire truck for the town of Hurlock. The  price was set at .$2,500. Aug. 6, 1923, Wyaft Williams was appointed temporary Fire chief of the Hurlock Fire Company. Walter Wilson was appointed chief engineer of Hurlock Fire Company.

·         Nov. 19, 1923, a motion was carried that fire truck be kept at W.C. Brad-leys Garage for this Winter, compensation to be $4 per month.

·         Jan. 7, 1924, Commissioners decided to a have meeting for citizens of Hurlock for the purpose of organizing a fire company. Clerk instructed to see Mr. Harper and rent a hall for that date, also to have some posters printed as well as having notice put in the local paper and one Cambridge paper.

·         On Jan. 14, 1924, Hurlock Volunteer Company was organized with 30 members. At this meeting, Mr. Andy Christopher was selected to be Chief and Mr. Walter Wilson to be Chief Engineer.

·         Jan. 21, 1924, executive committee met the commissioners to appoint a fire chief and chief engineer tor the Hurlock -Fire Company. Andrew Christopher was selected as chief. Walter Wilson was selected as chief engineer.

·         1925, a new hose and ladder truck was to be added to the fire company's equipment. The new truck was built by the fire company with the Commissioners furnishing truck and material.

·         In the early 1900s, the Hurlock Volunteer Fire Company rented space at Bradley's Garage on Broad Street (now Food Rite) for $4 a month,

·         July 24, 1928, Town Commissioners entered into an agreement with the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. or Baltimore City, relative to operating a fire alarm for the town of Hurlock. Found title of P. Arrow Truck dated Dec. 17, 1930 to Hurlock Fire Co.

·        Dec. 1929, American LaFrance Type 212 Pumper purchased by the Town of Hurlock and placed into service

?·         Oct. 18, 1932, Record of Agreement found to consider sale of Firemen's Theatre to The Hurlock Theatre Co.

·         Feb. 21, 1936, Hurlock Fire Company incorporated and adopted name Hurlock Volunteer Fire Co. 1944, fire company moved back under the theatre building.

·         In Oct. 1944, the firemen went to Charlotte, N.C. to purchase a hearse to convert to an ambulance for Hurlock Fire Co.

·         Jan. 17, 1947, international fire truck at a cost of $5,540 carrying 1 ,000 gallons of water was ordered.

·         Feb. 6, 1948, new International truck in service. Mar. 19, 1948, building committee engaged a contractor for construction of s new fire house, to cost between $15,000 and $16,000.

·         May 6, 1949, the fire company moved to the new fire house, fair present home.

·         1961, a new fire alarm system was installed (C code equipment).

·         Jan. 8, 1962, the fire company changed the meeting night from Friday to the 2nd and 4th Monday.

·         May 28, 1962, the committee appointee) to look into a new fire truck. They voted on Sept. 10, 1962 to purchase a red Hahn.

·         Red truck arrived on Jan. 30, 1963, costing $18,946.23.

·         Feb. 24, 1964, the fire company voted to buy two Surviv-Air SCBA.

·         Mar. 9, 1964, the fire company voted to purchase a Blue ambulance from Georgetown, costing $6,600.

·         Oct. 26, 1964, a GMC tank truck was purchased from Civil Defense Jessup, MD at $175.

·         Dec. 9. 1968, the fire company voted to buy one more Survive Air gas mask.

·         Oct. 13, 1969, the fire company voted to buy Truck Chassis of tank truck.

·         In 1970 Tank Truck 606 was put into service. This tanker carries 1,600 gallons of water with a 750 GPM front mount pump.

·         Mar. 13, 1972, the fire company voted on a new yellow truck.

·         Jan. 18, 1973, a motion was made to buy a Chevrolet Van Ambulance.

·         In March 1973, a Ford chassis with a Hahn body and 750 GPM pump and 1,000 gallons of water capacity was put into service. Cost 34,909.57

·         In 1982, A new Engine Room was added to the existing building and in

·         1985 a Ford chassis with a Pierce 1,000 GPM pump and 1,000 gallons of water capacity was added to the equipment.

1929 American LaFrance Type 212

1963 Ford Hahn Pumper

1984 Ford Pierce Engine 308

1973 Ford Hahn Pumper

1970 Ford Tanker 606

Engine 6-1

Tower 407

1947 Oren International Pumper