Brush 6-1

Brush 6-1 is equipped with a portable skid unit which houses a 250 gallon tank and a 250 gallons per minute pump. The units contains 700 feet of 1-inch forestry hose as well as 100 feet of 1-3/4" hose. The unit also houses a Huskavarna chain saw and brush rakes for natural cover fires. In addition, an AED is also equipped along with a BLS bag and portable oxygen which is used for medical assists.

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Mon May, 29 2023 @ 13:48

Nature: Local Box

Address: 274 Nealson St; Amick Farms Plant

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Mon May, 29 2023 @ 13:36

Nature: Medical-Delta

Address: 510 South Main St; Hurlock Village Apts; Apt 2

City: Hurlock, MD

Sun May, 28 2023 @ 15:53

Nature: Medical-Alpha

Address: 43 Delaware Ave; Harrison Ferry Apts; Apt 104

City: Hurlock, MD

Sun May, 28 2023 @ 15:33

Nature: Medical-Alpha

Address: 4304 Russell Rd # 2

City: Hurlock, MD

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