MVC w/ Rollover 6835 East New Market Ellwood Road
Thursday, July 9, 2020

Station 6 responded to a reported MVC with rollover. Station 21 was on location and Chief 21-1 had command due to an incorrect address dispatched originally. A 10-wheeler garbage truck overturned at the entrance to the landfill. 3 patients were assisted out of truck by Fire and EMS personnel. Patients were transported to local hospitals. Command was transferred to Chief 6-1 upon arrival. Hazmat 1-1 responded from Rescue Fire Company to remove fluids from the truck and provide additional containment and absorbant for fluids on the ground.

Units that responded: Engine 6-2, Engine 21-2, PM 6-1, Command 6, PM 600, PM 200, HazMat 1-1

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