Command 6 2008 Ford Expedition

2008 Ford Expedition is primarily used by our officers for scene command and control. It is outfitted with a custom cabinet and command board with accountability tagging. This vehicle also carries an SCBA, Basic Life Support bag, mobile and portable radios, and other miscellaneous Fire/EMS equipment. This unit was placed into service in March of 2020 and will responds with an officer to emergencies in the first due area of Hurlock Fire Company. The unit is also available to other companies for command support.

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Recent Calls

Wed Mar, 29 2023 @ 21:33

Nature: Local Box

Address: 6421 Palmers Mill Rd

City: Hurlock, MD

Wed Mar, 29 2023 @ 21:16

Nature: Medical-Delta

Address: 5808 Mount Holly Rd

City: East New Market, MD

Tue Mar, 28 2023 @ 13:12

Nature: Medical-Alpha

Address: 43 Delaware Ave; Harrison Ferry Apts, Apt 204

City: Hurlock, MD

Mon Mar, 27 2023 @ 17:17

Nature: Medical-Alpha

Address: 5875 Cloverdale Rd; North Dorchester High School Ball Fields

City: Hurlock, MD

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