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Hall Rental


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Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

Sanborn Fire Maps;

The Sanborn Map Company, the best known of the US fire-insurance map producers, has made maps since 1867. The fire insurance maps produced by Sanborn show building footprints, building material, height or number of stories, building use, lot lines, road widths and water facilities. The maps also show street names and property boundaries of the time. This collection of maps is historically significant as it is sometimes the best detailed map of a town or city dating from the mid 1800s.


History Note: From 1930 through 1948 our fire house was located on Maryland Avenue. This location also housed the town's movie theatre. Our fire apparatuses were located in the basement.



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Recent Calls

Wed Mar, 29 2023 @ 21:33

Nature: Local Box

Address: 6421 Palmers Mill Rd

City: Hurlock, MD

Wed Mar, 29 2023 @ 21:16

Nature: Medical-Delta

Address: 5808 Mount Holly Rd

City: East New Market, MD

Tue Mar, 28 2023 @ 13:12

Nature: Medical-Alpha

Address: 43 Delaware Ave; Harrison Ferry Apts, Apt 204

City: Hurlock, MD

Mon Mar, 27 2023 @ 17:17

Nature: Medical-Alpha

Address: 5875 Cloverdale Rd; North Dorchester High School Ball Fields

City: Hurlock, MD

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