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Hall Rental


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Hall Rental

  • Holds up to 120 guests
  • Circular and Rectangular Tables
  • Three restrooms
  • Full kitchen with serving window
  • Wireless Internet
  • Large parking area
Rental Includes
  • Use of all facilities mentioned under amenities
  • Use of all tables and chairs

Note: Lessee is responsible for clean-up of hall, restrooms, and kitchen per guidelines provided by HVFC

Rental Fee
  • $250.00 –Hall rental only, plus a $100.00 refundable “Rental Hold/Security Deposit” 
  • $300.00 – Hall rental, with use of the Kitchen, plus a $100.00 refundable “Rental Hold/Security Deposit”
  • All active and retired military personnel, firefighters, and/or police officers may receive $50.00 off their hall rental- valid photo ID required. 

All rental payments must be made in full at least 48 hours in advance of the event, with the building not being assigned until payment in full is made. HVFC charges a $35.00 fee for all returned check in addition to any bank fees charged by our bank. 


The Rental Hold / Security Deposit

In addition to the Rental Fee, the Renter shall pay the HVFC an additional charge of $100.00 – the “Rental Hold/Security Deposit” – upon execution of this Agreement to secure the Renters intent to rent the hall and cover any damage or loss that may occur to the hall, its contents, or any other part of the HVFC . In event the reservation is cancelled by the Lessee(s) without 30 days written notice the “Rental Hold/Security Deposit” shall be retained bythe HVFC. In addition, the Rental Hold/Security Deposit shall be forfeited if the following conditions are not met: Floors swept, Removal of all Decorations, Spills cleaned up, Lights of, no property damage, heat/air thermostat set per instructions, garbage taken out and clean bags placed in cans, table tops washed, doors shut, furniture repositioned and kitchen clean if used. Only after the HVFC has determined that the hall, its contents, and the HVFC building and grounds are free of damage arising from or related to the rental of the hall will this, or a portion of this be refunded. Upon demand from the HVFC, the Renter shall immediately pay the HVFC the cost to repair any damage in excess of the Rental/Hold Security Deposit. Please contact the HVFC member listed below prior to leaving the facility to schedule a “Rental Hold/Security Deposit” Inspection and to insure the facility is properly secured. 

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