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During the 2017 HVFC's Annual Banquet, volunteer personnel were awarded for several categories from "Top Responders" to "Firefighter Of The Year". During our annual banquet we have a "Stand-By" duty crew that transfer's to Hurlock Station 6 to cover our calls for the evening so that the members can relax and take the time to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the previous year, all while socializing with their brothers and sisters. 

Special thanks to Wicomico County Station 9 for standing by for our 2017 Awards Banquet.



First, Let's Thank Our 2017 Officers!


Chief- Jason Trego

1st Assistant Chief- Marlon Parker

2nd Assistant Chief- RJ Helmer

3rd Assistant Chief- Billy Coulbourne

Captain- Mark Tull 

1st Lieutenant- Eddie Hults

2nd Lieutenant- Ryan Humphries

Ambulance Captain- David Carrier II

Ambulance Lieutenant- Racheal Cox

Safety Officer- Frank Trego


? During 2017 HVFC Had The Following Man Hours;

Fire- 1077

Rescue- 365

EMS- 1000

Stand By- 147

Fundraising- 2338

Meetings- 659

Training- 448

Other- 1500

For A Grand Total Of 7534 Hours!


2017 EMS Awards

Top Provider- David Carrier II

Top Driver- Jerry Rhue

2017 EMS Top Responders

David Carrier  II

Rachael Carrier

Brian Tolley

Lauren Cole 

Jerry Rhue

Ward Higgins

Kimberley Quathamer

2017 Fire Top 10 Responders

Larry Dukes- 213 Calls

Ward Higgins- 199 Calls

Mark Tull- 188 Calls

RJ Helmer- 172 Calls

Robert Quathamer- 166 Calls

Jason Trego- 160 Calls

Skip Dukes- 142 Calls

Billy Coulbourne- 138 Calls

Jerry Rhue- 130 Calls

Ryan Humphries- 119 Calls

2017 Rookie Of The Year

Wendell Garrison Sr.

2017 Firefighter Of The Year

Mark Tull

2017 Chief's Award

R J Helmer

2017 President's Award

Brian Tolley

The Following Years Of Service Awards Were Given;

15 Years-

Bobbi Aaron

David Carrier II

Adam Corkran

?RJ Helmer

?Mark Tull

?Gary Williamson


20 Years-

Jason Trego


?25 Years-

Marlon Parker


30 Years-

John Stichberry


?35 Years-

Jerry Rhue Sr.


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Recent Calls

Mon May, 29 2023 @ 13:48

Nature: Local Box

Address: 274 Nealson St; Amick Farms Plant

City: Hurlock, MD

Mon May, 29 2023 @ 13:36

Nature: Medical-Delta

Address: 510 South Main St; Hurlock Village Apts; Apt 2

City: Hurlock, MD

Sun May, 28 2023 @ 15:53

Nature: Medical-Alpha

Address: 43 Delaware Ave; Harrison Ferry Apts; Apt 104

City: Hurlock, MD

Sun May, 28 2023 @ 15:33

Nature: Medical-Alpha

Address: 4304 Russell Rd # 2

City: Hurlock, MD

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